Who Is The Boyfriend Of The Youtuber Sofie Dossi? Here Is A Details Inside Her Relationship

Sofie Dossi is a gymnast, contortion, and actor besides being YouTuber. The majority of her fan following comes from her YouTube channel which has 6.33 million subscribers as of September 2021. She has seen a height of success just at the age of 20.

Sofie is dating a well-known TikTok Star, Dom Brack at present. She released a YouTube video on her channel titled MEET MY BOYFRIEND in August 2021 revealing her boyfriend’s identity.  The videos have received more than 2.5 million views as of now. Dom has also been seen in some other YouTube videos of hers. Sofie often pulls pranks on her boyfriend and films it to upload on her YouTube channel.

Sofie herself is a TikTok star as well. From the look of her and Dom’s TikTok account, Dom had been crushing on her for a long before he finally asked her to go out with her on the occasion of Valentine’s day. Not only her YouTube, but her Instagram also features cute pictures of the couple.

Sofie’s net worth

The majority of Sofie’s income comes from her YouTube videos and her contortion and gymnastics skills. Her additional income comes from her being an actor and entrepreneur. Her overall net worth is estimated to be 3 million USD. The figures have been calculated based on the views her videos receive.

Monetized videos usually earn somewhere between $5 and $7 per thousand views via ads. Sofie’s YouTube channel receives 10.32 million views each month. This means 343.95 thousand daily views on average.

Based on this data, it can be estimated that Sofie might make around $41.27 thousand a month from YouTube alone and a total of $619.12 thousand each year.

YouTube is not the only source of income for Sofie. She has her own website Shop Sofie Dossi. Through her website, she offers professional training classes to people. Apart from that, she also sells a range of apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and other goods.

Sofie has also performed on stage for venues like Madison Square GardenAT&T CenterDolby Theatre, and many others. This has also supplemented her income by a lot.

Sofie is pursuing a career in acting as well. Her first on-screen acting came out via a Disney Channel in 2016. The series was called K.C. Undercover. Sofie has also played the role of a contortionist in the episode: Tightrope of Doom. She has made an appearance in an episode of another Disney Channel comedy series ‘Bizaardvark’ in 2017. In 2018, Sofie was cast for the role of Dani in Brat’s web series Boss Cheer.

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When she’s not acting, Sofie enjoys travelling and spending time with family. Her first on-screen appearance came in 2016 when playing the role of Kacey Undercover for a season on Disney Channels KC Undercover. She also did stunts as part of another show called “TightropeDoom.” Most recently her career took off after being cast by Brat’s web series Boss Cheer where they will be following three friends through their senior year at high school, Sofia is one of the said friends.

Inside Sofie’s life

Sofie, a young and talented singer of half-Arabic descent was born on 21 June 2001. Her ethnic background can be traced back to her father who is Italian while her mother holds an Arabic passport; in one of Sofies YouTube videos, she revealed that both sides have some influence over what it means today when call yourself “Arabs” or not because there are many different cultures within this population group including Shiite-, Sunni fleegers -all living together without really caring about their differences which makes them seem more similar than different.

Her remarkable back flexibility has often gotten her comments that she doesn’t have a spine at all.  Many consider Sofie the Most Flexible Person in the World. Her Instagram bio says:

Hi I’m the bendy girl♥️

Sofie has 4.1 million followers on her Instagram. She describes herself as a self-taught contortionist. 

Dom and Sofie( Source: Instagram)

Her back-flowing flexibility has often gotten comments that she doesn’t have a spine at all. Many consider Sofie the Most Flexible Person in this world, with 4 million followers on Instagram and an ability to contort herself into unimaginable positions without any training whatsoever–she’s even been rumored (but never confirmed) to date Tony Lopez in 2020! But now we know for sure: it seems like they’re finally happy together…in their little world where anything can happen.

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Is The Boyfriend Of The Youtuber Sofie Dossi? Here Are A Details Inside Her Relationship

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