Who Is The Television Host Jeff Devlin Dating? Learn Everything About His Relationship

Jeff Devlin: Jeff Devlin has been in a relationship since 2018.

Craftsman, Contractor, and Television Host Jeff Devlin’s personal life has been an intriguing topic for his fans. What some fans don’t know is the end of his marriage to his ex-wife, Christine Devlin.

In December 2020, Devlin posted a picture on his Facebook with a woman with a caption disclosing that he is engaged to her.

While 2020 has had some ups and downs I am happy to say I know 2021 and all the days that follow Will be so blessed as I will get to spend it with you Janelle Burdette and your kids. Looking forward to forever!!!!! #engaged

credit: Facebook

The licensed contractor Devlin announced his engagement to Burdette on Christmas Day 2020. There has been no news of their wedding date in sight but Devlin and Burdette are still going strong in their relationship.

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Jeff Devlin’s life

Jess is the type of guy who can build you anything. Whether it be a birdhouse or some other creative project, he will find wood from anywhere and make something great for your home!

When Jess was younger his family lived in Pennsylvania where they had six brothers (which must have been tough). Although there were a lot of things to do in town, one thing that always interested him was building furniture. So when he watched The Old House on PBS one day and started messing around with furniture building, his parents decided to give him a workshop. Who Is The Television Host Jeff Devlin Dating?

When Jeff Devlin was a child, he had an affinity for cooking. This passion eventually became the focus of his life later on in adulthood when he became famous after appearing on several popular TV shows like Spice Up My Kitchen and Ellen’s Design Challenge. Homeowners would request a particular design style from him because it showed off their taste profiles. This was important to them because it reflected well into what they wanted within their homes – whether it was renovating kitchens or bathrooms!

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Jeff and Christine’s marriage lasted for two decades. It is not known what caused the divorce, but they are still parental figures in each other’s lives: social media posts show that deviate from time to present-day with pictures of both him ( Jeff )and her children- Reese, Aidan.

Jeff has been working as a woodworker for over 20 years and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. From shooting events like water polo, drag racing, or mountain biking concerts; you’ll find him at the front line capturing all those moments that makeup history in video form!

Jeff worked on carpentry tasks like installing cabinets and countertops from 2014-to 2016. He also worked on TV hosting programs, like “Most Embarrassing Real Life Stories ever published online,” which aired daily during America’s Black History Month celebrations. These programs presented unique stories about individuals who identify themselves differently from society’s norms.

48-year-old Devlin has earned his place as one of the most-followed people on Instagram with 16.2k followers and counting! He posts about woodworking, and family life hacks that work for any size home – even if you’re mortgage-free like him 🙂 And don’t forget to check out this guy’s story when he was just 17 years old…

Who Is Jeff’s Fiance Janelle Burdette?

Janelle Burdette is a mother of two sons, one who’s an athlete and the other who just started university. She was born in West Virginia but now lives with her family near Philadelphia Pennsylvania where she goes to work every day! Who Is The Television Host Jeff Devlin Dating?

Jeff and Burdette have been dating for over a year, but it wasn’t until 2018 that they got romantically involved. What we do know is that the duo met and started working together. What we do know is that the duo met and started working together. However, the specifics of how they met and what happened afterwards are still unknown. Fans and anyone else in their life outside of this partnership do not know what happened. The two seem to get along great with each other’s children! Jeff even attended one of her son’s graduation ceremonies (which means he must love hanging out at home).

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