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Yasmin Monet Prince: Yasmin Monet Prince is a Jamaican-English actress famous for her role of Clara Mahan in Hanna. She has been through a glorious career at this young age. Today, Yasmin has become a household name given her extraordinary acting skills.

Her impactful influence in the entertainment industry has earned her the nickname of New Action Heroine. She received her big breakthrough in the 2016’s UK crime series named Dark Heart. It turned out to be a hit series among the people who fancied crime series.

Yasmin Monet Prince Wiki and Parents

Yasmin Monet Prince is a rising star in the UK today. She was born on 2 May 2000, which makes her age 21 years old at present! The ethnicity of Yasmin’s parents has not been revealed to the public yet but they may be African or English depending upon how you look at it ( nationality). This young lady has accomplished a lot, and she is very talented compared to others who have tried their hand at performing arts. This includes me – after all these years of practising my craft.

Yasmin currently lives with her family in a townhouse on the South Side of London. She has not shared any details about them yet, but it sounds like they’re pretty great!


Yasmin has been involved with music and performing arts since the age of 9. She graduated from Shakespeare’s Globe Company, where she continued acting until 14 years old before landing her first role as an actress in the film Dark Heart which starred Jamie Bell (above) among others! After this successful project director, Nima Sano called up requesting that she star opposite him again in the web series “Hanna.”

The movie Nocturnal stars Clara as its lead character Annie and was produced by a British television crew. Her portrayal of the role has been well-appreciated within both filming communities; this is clear evidence that she’s a dedicated actress who will do anything for her work! Yasmin Monet Prince’s Wiki,

Is Yasmin Monet Princess Dating Anyone?

The picture of Yasmin sitting in a chair with her caption has fans wondering if she is single or attached. It seems like from her Instagram posts, she doesn’t think that other people would be interested in what she’s posting. But it’s hard to say for sure without any more information about what these posts mean to her.

I want this chair and an ice-cold glass of champagne so I can relax on the couch after a long day. From watching Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills to shopping at Neiman Marcus-it feels good just getting pampered with some luxurious items from time to getaway!

The picture has her sitting in a chair with a heart-piercing gaze. Yasmin’s caption reads:

I want this chair and a glass of so I can pretend I’m a real housewife of Beverly Hills…

It’s a piece of good news for her male fans: actress Yasmin is pretty much single. While that might take some time, she currently living her best life with earnings while waiting on opportunities to ring the doorbells in style! Yasmin Monet Prince’s Wiki.

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Personal life

Yasmin Monet Prince is a fan of Naomie Harris and Michaela Coel. She considers the two as her role models in real life, but currently doesn’t have any boyfriends herself to show them off to! Yasmin enjoys reading books, especially ones about photography. She likes to learn new things by travelling or surfing the internet. Yasmin also likes spending time with family and friends, especially on Christmas Eve. This is a special day for her because she gets to spend time with the people she loves and listen to their stories.

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Yasmin’s primary source of income is her acting career. The total assets and net worth of this famous actress have not been made public yet, but it can be assumed that she has six-figure earnings Looking back at all her achievements so far in life an impressive resume like hers surely makes up some pretty sweet change! Not only does Yasmin utilize spare time writing scenes from what seems to always keep them entertained – improvising might just end up being one thing y’all want on your permanent list after seeing how talented they ARE!.

Height, Weight, And Body Measurement

Yasmin is a beautiful young woman with dark brown hair and eyes. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs almost 52 kilograms (115 lbs), and has measurements of 32-25 34 inch waistline! The body type that this 20-year-old actress carries most often can be found on her website where she wears clothes in various sizes from small through extra-large.”

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Yasmin Monet Prince’s Wiki

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