Youtuber Karlee Steel Splits with Fiancé Josh Bisschops, Declines Cheating & Slams Him on Twitter

Popular YouTuber/social media personality Karlee Steel is no longer together with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé Josh Bisschops. The news is confirmed via a YouTube video shared by Karlee. Here is what she had to say about the shocking separation in the video!

Karlee Steel is no longer an engaged woman!

YouTuber plus social media star Karlee Steel has broken up with her longtime boyfriend turned fiancé Josh Bisschops, an aspiring singer. The news was confirmed by the YouTuber herself on a YouTube video of June 5, 2021, titled “what really happened.”

In the 24-minute video, Karlee talked about many things, including why she and Josh parted ways. She started the video by shedding light on a couple of things and by thanking those who reached out to her in this bad time.

Afterward, she stated that her relationship with Josh was good in the beginning. She also said that Josh left his job to focus more on his music career as a full-time profession. During that time, Karlee was also rising, and both of them decided to support each other.

However, as time passed, things began to deteriorate. In the YouTube video, Karlee mentioned that she and Josh were always arguing due to their bad financial situation. Due to that, she decided to distance herself from Josh. She continued as she said;

One of the biggest issues had in our relationship was lack of communication and me always thinking about our future while he was busy thinking about his relationship.

The 22-year-old YouTuber revealed that she had always put Josh before herself. Furthermore, whenever Karlee tried to have a nice conversation with Josh, they would always argue, and Josh would blame her for quitting his job.

The Cheating Rumors

Karlee addressed the cheating rumors head-on in a recent YouTube video and cleared things up for everyone. She said that she was just mistaken, nothing more than an honest mistake caused by misinformation from others around them who may have been jealous because of their close friendship.

After the video was posted, many believed in Karlee’s words and disregarded Josh’s claims about her cheating. On June 6th of next year (25), she took to Twitter for one final rebuttal against him before their relationship ended forever:

“I hope all of these girls give you what I couldn’t,” Karlee wrote in the tweet.

A snip of Karlee Steel’s tweet about ex-boyfriend Josh (Source: Karlee’s Twitter)
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A snip from “Karleeds” tweet where she states that all girls deserve better than what he gave them, and he is the only one responsible for his lies.

When Karlee broke up with her boyfriend, Josh was angry and resentful. He ignored all of Karlee’s tweets for almost 30 minutes before finally following them just so he could message back that “it seems like you wanted a way out.”

Karlee Steel slams her ex-boyfriend Josh on Twitter (Source: Karlee’s Twitter)

The tweet ended on an ominous note-she wrote “Seems Like U Wanted A Way Out”

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Karlee and Josh’s Dating Relationship

Karlee and Josh began dating around two years ago. They were often seen on social media posting videos together, including one of them making a TikTok video with their opposing Instagram handles! Their YouTube channel “Karleepandjosh” has many different types of content: vlogs (webcam lifestyle), challenges & pranks… But it seems like this relationship is going stronger than ever – what do you think?

Karlee and Josh’s relationship was not an easy one. They had been through a lot together, from the beginning of their engagement all way until now when they’re officially broken up after almost two years as partners in crime (or whatever you want to call it).

Good news! We know that there are some people who will always be there for us, no matter what. If you need someone to talk to, we’re here for you. And if any other brothers need someone too, look no further than our family. We never give up until we win. Youtuber Karlee Steel Splits with Fiancé Josh Bisschops.

Karlee Steel alongside her now-former fiancé Josh Bisschops (Source: Karlee’s Instagram)

But, little did everyone know that Karlee and Josh were arguing a lot, and their relationship was on the verge of breaking. And, the unfortunate happened when the two officially ended their relationship after almost two years of dating.

Before meeting each other and creating a bond, both of them were dating other people. Karlee was previously dating a YouTuber named Conner Bobay. Furthermore, Josh was in a relationship with an undisclosed girl with whom he shares a daughter.

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Youtuber Karlee Steel Splits with Fiancé Josh Bisschops, Declines Cheating 

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