Yung Bleu Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2022?

Yung Bleu Net Worth

Yung Bleu Net Worth is an estimated $1 million. He was born on September 23, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia, to his parents, who are Nigerian immigrants. His father is a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine. His mother is a real estate agent who sells luxury homes in the metro Atlanta area.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Jeremy Biddle
Birth Date April 4, 1994
Birth Place Mobile, Alabama, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $1 million

Early Life

Yung bleu is an artist with a keen eye and taste for the avant-garde. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on July 2, 1990, to his mother, Debra Early (nee Wright), who recently passed away from breast cancer. His father had left them when he was two years old due to infidelity issues with Ms Early’s friend Sheila Philips Jones also known as “Sister Shaw.” Yung bleu lived most of his childhood at home but bounced around locations often because all their family members were incarcerated or drug addicts, which caused him much emotional trauma during that time frame until they found themselves living across town where it wasn’t always safe either.

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As a young child, Yung bleu Career found her artistic talent. She would draw and create stories while watching TV with her dad during the day in their small apartment on 99th Street. Her mom was there to help out when possible, but they were both working long hours just so that they could make ends meet for the family of four; it wasn’t easy at all! They struggled through high school because neither parent had spare time or money to devote to after-school activities like sports teams or clubs, which led them into trouble more often than not until finally, something changed…

In 2012, Mrs Carol Leman came across one of Young’s drawings online from an art contest she entered four years earlier, where everything began to change for the better. Ms Leman contacted her to see if there was anything she could do to help because from what she saw, Young had an incredible talent that she should share with the world! For a while, they tried different things, like Mrs Leman’s idea of sending him on a study abroad program in Paris, but it didn’t work out. In the meantime, Mrs Leman introduced Young to a free after-school program called “Hoop Dreams,” which she thought he would enjoy because of his love for basketball, but again it didn’t work out.

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Yung Bleu’s Real Estate

Yung Bleu’s Real Estate is the company to go with if you’re looking for a new place. Whether it be your first property or just another one, Yung Bleu will make sure that every detail of what you want in an apartment home has been met and exceeded. They have pet-friendly properties available so that any family member can come along too!

Yung Bleu’s Jewelry

Yung Bleu’s Jewelry is the new thing to have in your jewellery collection. You will find that Yung Bleu offers a wide variety of designs and styles for any occasion, so you can be sure they are just what you need!

Yung Bleu Personal Life

Yung Bleu is a rapper who has been in the game since 2009. He began his career with an independent release that failed to garner much attention from fans or critics alike, but he followed it up two years later with a more successful debut album titled “The Blue Album.” His most recent work came out last year as part of producer Metro Boomin’s collaborative mixtape called No Complaints just after Yung had undergone surgery for appendicitis and contracted pneumonia during recovery, which could have led to death at any time if not addressed quickly enough.

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Yung Bleu Net Worth

Yung Bleu has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which is not bad for a self-proclaimed “struggling” rapper who got his start on Vine.

Yung Bleu started as a struggling rapper and eventually found success with the help of the social media app Vine, where he gained over 500,000 followers after releasing only six videos in 2013 alone!


There is no information found on Yung Bleu’s education.


-Young has an estimated net worth of $1 million, and he can thank Mrs Carol Leman for helping him turn his talents into gold!

-Yung is a rapper who performed in Paris but was unsuccessful due to the location.

-Yung Bleu is the founder of “Hoop Dreams.”

-Yung has a real estate company in Miami called “Yung Bleu’s Real Estate,” where you can find pet-friendly apartments.

-“Young Blue” is Yung’s debut album from 2012.

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Relationship Status


-Yung Bleu also has a jewellery company called “Yung Blue’s Jewelry,” where you can find any pieces you might be looking for.

Body Measurement

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How Does Yung Bleu Spend His Money?

Yung Bleu is a rapper. He travels the world making music and giving lectures about his life story. Still, he loves to spend time with family in Miami, where they can enjoy living an upper-middle-class lifestyle together.

Yung Bleu has great taste when it comes to spending money on himself or others! One of Yung’s favourite things to do after a long day at work is going out for dinner and drinks, which makes him feel like he deserves all the food and drink since he worked so hard that day.

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