Yung Mal Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Yung Mal Net Worth 2022: Jamal Michael Braud, better known by his stage name Yung Mal is an American rapper and songwriter. He became famous with the hit single called “Str8 Out Da Pot” in 2021 which resulted in a 350% increase in his sales over five years. As of now, he has amassed $200,000 net worth, having sold 500 million records worldwide since the 1990s and still counting.

Full Name Jamal Michael Braud
Birth Date August 13, 1995
Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana
Profession Rapper and Songwriter
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $200,000

Early Life

Jamal Braud, better known as Yung Mal, is a rapper born and raised in New Orleans but has lived in Atlanta for the last few years. The music he grew up on was different from what most people would expect to hear coming out of Louisiana; instead, it’s filled with southern trap sounds that have been dominating hip-hop for the past year or so. While this may be surprising at first since rap originated there, many artists like Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne are making their way back home to take advantage of all that comes with being an ATLien, including opportunities such as Beats 1 radio, where they can share their work not just locally but around the world!

Yung Mal Net Worth and Rise to Fame

Yung Mal’s big break came when he released the single “Str8 Out Da Pot.” which catapulted his music career and led to collaborations with Lil Quill, one of Gucci Mane’s proteges. With this newfound support, Yung Mal was able to release Blessed Lil Bastards in 2017. The success continued into 2018 as they were both noticed by Verified Records, which gained them much-needed recognition from critics, including a feature on Rolling Stone for their song “Hoodie.”

Gucci Mane was impressed with the duo’s work with their EP called Kids of the 6. Since then, they released Lil Bastards 3 in 2019 as a solo artist since his friend Quill was incarcerated. He loves collaborating, and this year he released 6 Rings which also featured collaborations from Keed and Gotit.

Yung Mal is the rapper who has recently released a new mixtape, 1.5 Way Or No Way, which means everything to him because it’s not only his childhood neighbourhood but also dedicated to all of his friends he lost over time and was able to make music with before they passed away too soon.

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Yung Mal Height, Weight & Measurements

Yung Mal has been a soccer player for years but is now taking up basketball. His 6 feet 1 inches or 185 cm tall and 75 kg or 165 pounds help him in the sport!

Personal Life

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding rapper Yung Mal. The only information about his personal life is from the few Instagram posts he makes. Those don’t even show any hints as to what kind of relationship status or orientation this rising rap star may be in.

Yung Mal Net Worth

Yung Mal has an estimated net worth of $200,000 and is a rising star in rap. He’s been building his following on Instagram that now totals over 600k followers – with more people becoming aware of him every day thanks to “anonymous” posts about how good he sounds. Yung Mal also puts out music under 1.5 Da Label, where he serves as CEO himself!

“One day, I’m going to go back and do something for my community,” Yung Mal said. “I want them all to see me as someone who can make it.” His plans are more significant than just music; he wants his people from the neighbourhood that raised him to be proud of their man in a way they never were before because now he’s living up to what they knew was inside of him: greatness.

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